Posted by: theparamount | May 18, 2012

Graduated! My COMLEX Scores…and How to Study

Well, I think that if you are taking advice from me you should know how I did.

COMLEX Level 1 – 629/91

COMLEX Level 2 CE – 660/93

COMLEX Level 2 PE – Passed

I matched into my number one residency and I am very happy at this point.

Also, Someone recently commented asking how I had studied and what the best thing to study would be.  This is a pretty complex question but heres some major tips.

1. Know how YOU study – People are very different in ability to remember through visual, audio, etc.  You know how you study best (or you should after 4 years of undergraduate), stick to it.

2. Develop a quality plan that YOU can stick to – I tried to stick to someone else’s study plan for 1 month, it was rigourous and drove me insane, so I switched to my own pace, spread out things more and focused on learning the way I learn best.  I needed frequent basketball breaks and fresh air to avoid migraines and getting off topic.

3.  Questions, questions, questions – You can never underestimate the amount of knowledge you garner from doing questions and question banks.  Do random, 48-50 questions at a time and do it over and over.  Learn from all the banks, COMBANK, COMQUEST, USMLE World.  This breaks up monotonous reading and sometimes is fun (I’m a nerd).  I’ve discussed positives and negatives of each of these banks throughout various posts.

4.  First Aid is Key for Level 1, while for COMLEX Level 2 CE, you can pick the book you like.

If you want more advice, feel free to leave another comment and I can help.


  1. How many comsae did you take? Did you start seriously studying after taking one?

  2. These are my COMSAE Results:
    COMSAE – Phase 2, Form C 07/01/2011 05:31PM 630
    COMSAE – Phase 2, Form B Unknown
    COMSAE Phase 2 FORM 2 Friday, April 01, 2011 545
    COMSAE Phase 1 Form 3 Wednesday, June 09, 2010 642
    COMSAE Phase 1 Form 2 Sunday, May 23, 2010 562
    COMSAE Phase 1 FORM A Wednesday, May 05, 2010 566

    Phase 1 is Level 1, so 3 for Level 1
    Phase 2 is Level 2, so 3 for Level 2

    I took COMSAE before I started studying for Level 2. That was the one on April 1, 2011. I wanted to see where I was at and was pleasantly suprised so I didnt really start studying until June.

    All the COMSAEs I took for Level 1 were in process during my studies, the first one ~6 weeks of lax studying in I believe.

  3. I have taken the PE three times and keep failing the biomedical portion. I can not do anymore to prepare. My score has actually gotten worse each time I take it. Not sure what to do except to just take it again. I get at least ‘needs improvement’ in every category. I would appreciate ANY input you could give. I already passed my boards and this is all that’s holding me up. What could I possibly be doing wrong??? Thanks.

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  5. How many questions right out of 400 would you say you need to get a score like a 630?

  6. Hi, I’m taking Level 1 in a few days. I’ve gone through Uworld qbank and doing as many combank as I can now. Would you mind sharing your combank%. I’m getting around the 70’s and wondering if that’ll be enough to pull a 550.

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